Ивайло Гюров



15 април 2011, петък, 19.30 ч

6767 Cote des Neiges, et. 1 ,
Cote des Neiges, QC, H3S 2T6,
 срещу плацата Cote des Neiges


цена- по 20 дол. (за група от по 10 човека)
25 дол. - индивидуални билети
15 дол. - за пенсионери и ученици от 12 до 16 год
безплатни - за деца до 12 год.

закупуване на билети:
* Българско Училище и Българска Библиотека,
всяка неделя, 10.00-13.00ч (6767 Cote des Neiges, 6 ет)- 514 835 3638
* Даниела Фриз. салон (Brossard) - 450-466 4189
* Български Магазин София (Salaberry)- 514 332-2806
* Български Магазин Balkan (Laval)- 450- 934 2877
* Гараж Роза (Laval, des Laurentides)- 450- 667-9138
* Кеми фриз.салон (Verdun, rue Verdun)- 514 -998-5364

За повече информация :
514 835 3638, 514 369 0589 concerts.zornica@gmail.comhttp://www.zornica.com
Ива Беличка
Канадско-български културен център "Зорница"

***On February 05, 2011 Giurov performed in front of Beverly Hills crowd
A special guest was the 9 year old Antony Bulgari, who performed with Andrea Bocelli
in LA Staples Center and Las Vegas last December.
***On January 09, 2011 the San Diego fans enjoyed a unique concert performed LIVE in three parts:
*** Opera arias and Italian canzonettas, commonly performed by Pavarotti and Bocelli, 
were rotated with Bulgarian and Russian pop hits.
*** Balkan folklore songs & Pop-Folk
*** Songs by public request concluded the tho and half hour concert.

***Март 04: San Francisco, CA
***Март 06: San Diego, CA
***Март 13: Boston, MA
***Април 02: Columbus, OH 
***Април 09: LA, GRAMMY Museum
***Април 15, 2011,19.30h:Montreal,QC Canada,6767Cote des Neiges,et.1,H3S2T6,
***Април 16: Toronto, Canada

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Classical | Folk | Pop | Evergreens | Albums


Musical Theater & Operetta
More than 250 performances in USA, France, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Cypress, Luxemburg, etc.
The Merry Widow - Camille de Rossillon Teatro Lyrico D'Europa, Maryland 2007-08
Joseph and His Amazing Dream Coat - Joseph Bulgarian National Musical Theater 1998-08
Jesus Christ Superstar - Judas Bulgarian National Musical Theater 1998-02
Alice in Wonderland -The Prince Bulgarian National Musical Theater 1998-02
The Merry Widow - Camille de Rossillon Bulgarian National Musical Theater 1998-02

Concert Solo Works
More than 100 performances in USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, Cuba, Cyprus, Serbia, etc.
Famous Areas Turandot, Tosca, La Traviata, The Pearl Fishers, Pagliacci
Popular Italian Canzonettas O, Sole Mio, Ave Maria, Mamma, Caruso, etc
Bulgarian Folk Treasures Collection of Famous Bulgarian Folk Songs
Original Solo Performance Collection of Original Pop Music
Legendary Pop Hits Collection of Famous Hits from the 70’s, 80s’ & 90s’

Has produced eight albums and sold more than 100,000 copies just in Bulgaria alone.
Famous Opera Arias & Canzonettas SCES Entertainment 2010
Bulgarian Ballads SCES Entertainment, CD & DVD 2009
Coleda SCES Entertainment 2005
Christmas Songs II Payner Records 2004
Bulgarian Folk Treasures Payner Records 2004
Christmas Songs I Payner Records 2003
A Touch of Golden Evergreens Payner Records 2003
Bulgarian Ballads 1993 – 2003 Payner Records 2003

Zlaten Orfei 1996, Bulgaria: 1st; Sing With Me 2008, Bulgaria: 2nd;

Forty Days Workshop in Modena, Italy Luciano Pavarotti 2005
Vocal Training in Sofia, Bulgaria Boris Hinchev 2004
Vocal Training in Sofia, Bulgaria Ruslan Raichev 2003
Master Classes Svetozar Donev 2002
Vocal Training M.A. Bulgarian National Music Academy Krassimir Parapanov 1989 - 1995
Choral Experience Leader and soloist
Languages Sung English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Greek
Languages Spoken English (conversant), Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian (fluent)
Special Skills Piano playing; acting; vocal, piano, and music theory coaching

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